Special Offers on Golf Holidays & Breaks: Including Spain, Portugal, France & Belgium

Special Offers on Golf Holidays and Breaks in Europe

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Why should you be thinking about golf breaks to Europe the next time you are planning your golf holidays? Because there is no other part of the world that can give you the variety that the European vacation spots offer. You can do packages where you are hopping from one country to the next and really get a taste for what it means to play golf in Europe. One day you could be taking in the sun of the Spanish Mediterranean while standing on the first tee, and the next day you could be finishing up on number 18 at the old course at St. Andrews.

If you really want to get away and take a golf vacation that you will never forget, then you need to start making your European plans now. A European golf holiday is one that you can also combine with a sightseeing tour of some of the most significant cities and sites in the world. You can play a little golf, take in a little history and then enjoy dinner at a world class restaurant. These are just some of the unique pleasures that await you when you book your next European golf getaway.